Bootleg — Minnesota's Signature Drink™


Who doesn’t love Bootleg? The Star Tribune’s lifestyle writer Aimee Blanchette recently called sipping a Bootleg the most refreshing way to end a perfect day. But, until now, you had to seek out Bootleg.

We've captured the legendary flavor of Minnesota’s Signature Drink™ in the convenience of a bottle. Bootleg premium malt beverage is the first of its kind.

A refreshingly satisfying handcrafted cocktail-inspired beverage infused with LEMON, LIME and a hint of MINT, blended with a touch of carbonation. Bootleg intrigues with wonderful flavor, soothing aroma and an attractive appearance, perfect for summer days and nights.

Have the lakeside Minnesota summers come to you with Bootleg’s refreshingly crisp, authentic cocktail- inspired flavor. Escape the ordinary, make every sip extraordinary. It’s original, exclusive and full of character.

Bootleg is best enjoyed over ice, allowing the subtle carbonation to still, and garnished with a sprig of fresh mint.